To Understand Love

The day was late, and the sun was nearly gone. Misato rode the elevator quietly, her thoughts reminiscing on what Kaji had just shown her. Terminal DogmaAdam. It didnt make sense to her; the being that destroyed a polar ice cap and caused Second Impact was being kept in an underground facility at her place of employment. She knew for the longest time that the Angels were trying to break into NERV headquarters for some reason and that reason would be the destruction of mankind. She quite never knew what it was until now.

The day had been painfully long. She had kept a close eye on Kaji the minute she left her apartment that morning, yet it was nearly wasted since Kaji knew of her lurking. Time seemed to quicken, however, as she rode the subway to her apartment. As she stepped off the train, she sighed to herself, attempting to put her mind at ease. It worked, night had finally fallen, she figured the best thing to do was to set aside these worries. She deserved this, from taking more on the chin for everyone else. Besides, one night to herself wouldnt cause chaos at work the next day. Thats what she told herself. For now, all she wanted was some dinner, some saki, and definitely a nice bath. Of course, this was all under stipulation that Shinji wasnt in one of his moods and neither was Asuka.

She stopped in front of her door; already the presence of an omnipotent aura chilled her spine. She clutched her groceries (groceries... which was all alcohol) and prayed that it was some maniac who had come to strangle her. At least then she would get some peace. She braced herself and opened the door.

Surprisingly, the apartment was very quiet. Her first thought was of Shinji being depressed, which would weigh on her mental and physical stress more. Misato had prayed for the lesser of the two evils, Asuka. At least she could blame it on her period and not have it weigh heavily on her psyche. She walked past Shinjis door and knocked.

"Shinji?" Misato whispered quietly. No one was there, she scratched her chin and thought for certain he would be in here. The kitchen was empty too. She had pondered the possibility of him being in Asukas room then the likelihood of his head on the end of his cello, which would explain the aura, but on the table was a note with the message scrawled on it.


Have gone to spend the night with Toji and Kensuke. It is Hikaris birthday today and were going to be late so its best if I just stay the night with Toji. Dont drink too much.


P.S. Asukas on the warpath


This was her lucky night. Shinji was gone, and it appeared that Asuka had angered herself into a coma. Her clothes came off faster than a strippers, parading around in her tight shorts and tank top. It was routine now; two beers, a long hot bath with two more beers, and finish off the night with either three or four beers depending on her mood. The first one went down smooth, a little too smooth. Misato mumbled to herself about not tasting anything, and went to the fridge for another beer.

Misato was still sober enough to realize, however, that a previous case of beer had suddenly disappeared from the fridge. Only one thought came to mind, Toji. She knew Shinji wouldnt have the guts to pull off something like that. She let it slide; this WAS her night off. The time she was halfway to the bathtub her shirt was off.

The bath was heavenly, just what the doctor ordered. She had just immersed herself in that steam spewing liquid of the gods, while kicking off her taste buds with the beverage of the gods. The buzz was starting to kick, with each sip she felt her mind become more relaxed. She did think slightly on the subject that was presented to her this morning, but no! she told herself. Damn the world and damn mankind, she sat in the bathtub, letting her mind wander far and wide, Misato thought on how gentle and caring she acted, how understanding, how she was such a mamas girl.

Well forget that! Tonight she was going to be a bitch, and heaven have mercy on Asuka if she pushed her buttons. She wanted to be bad; she wanted to be dirty, crude and degrading. Her mind began to wander again, dirtyfilthydisgusting. These were the only thoughts that plagued her mind, and she loved it. She began thinking about Kaji, about Shinji and their friends, how they undressed her with their eyes every day, raping her body with their thoughts, dreaming of a day when they would be able to do to her what few men have. Misato loved that too. How those three boys could be fine students if she were to ever find the need to "teach" them.

In didnt matter in what, whether it be a lesson in humility or just plain old-fashioned screwing. Yes, Misato did want to screw them, not as much as Kaji mind you. but in her own sick and twisted way she did. Thats what got her off, not the kids themselves, just the sick thought of actually doing it. The thought of having that power over them is what she loved. Slowly, her hand began to creep down her body, thoughts of Kaji with his long, hard rod in her mouth, Kensuke and Toji violating her body as Shinji muttered, "Yes Mistress Misato." while he pleasured her orally. She would come there and now, one touch of her fingers would be all that it takes to send her into orbit. And yet, amidst all this sin and sensuality, her mind was easily distracted by the sound of another body entering the water.

Misato nearly jumped out of the tub, it was Asuka. "Do I say anything? Did she see me?" those thoughts ran through her mind. It was then she noticed that Asuka's face was flush, she could even smell the near briny smell of alcohol in such a steamy room.

"Asuka! What thewhat are youget-" was all she could say. Asuka, in her own drunken stupor, looked at Misato seriously, not noticing her shirt had soaked up as much water as it could.

"Iy neeeed toooo talkkk a batssh." She said incoherently. Misatos face drooped, at least she knew where the missing 12 pack went.

"So do you want help with your bath?" Asuka nodded, and Misato sighed.

Ten minutes and another large shirt later, Asuka was off on her tangent again. Misato just sat glaring at the wall, slowly taking sips of her booze and hoping shed drink herself into submission. It wasnt working; Asukas shouting could raise the dead.

The blunt of her tantrum today was men. Not that any other tantrum is much different, but this time it was with men in general, not just a specific few (I.E. Shinji). And being in the tanked state that she was, only made her more incoherent.

"Mmen are nussing buuuuutttt PIIGS!" She yelled, fumbling around everywhere, Misato just muttered "uh-huh" and continued drinking, "I meenyuo tie your hardest, your HARDest to make yourshelf allpetty fur dem, anan dey just IGNORE you!" She reached over and grabbed Misatos beer from her hand. She only had time to take one gulp before Misato grabbed it back.

"No!" Misato yelled forcefully, "For starters, youre a minor, and youre already so drunk you can barely."

"Hey! Im old enouss to know... wat Im old enouss to know!" Asuka stopped, almost like she had a brainstorm, "And...I...m going to sow datto KajiAND that wimp, Wonder Third." As drunk as she was, Asuka moved awfully fast, Misato had barely enough time to grapple the phone away from Asuka.

Asuka yelled, and kicked, and screamed. She was going to show those "men" what she was made of. Asuka began to buckle, her tears started flowing and they wouldnt stop, not that she had the willpower to do so. She slowly slid from Misatos grasp and onto the floor, weeping heavily as she tried to brush the tears away. Misato, exhausted, fell down beside her. She watched Asuka, almost pitifully as Asuka tried desperately to stop crying, her hands gently throwing away droplets of water as she held them just under her eyes.

Misato had seen this before, not from Asuka, but she'd seen it all the same. This was the end of it. She would pass out soon, exhausted from the drinking and crying. She hoped that she was so drunk that she wouldnt remember anything, which by the way she acted, would probably be the most likely thing. It was then, that the alcohol she had been putting away for the past hour of Asukas rant began to kick in. She noticed little things about Asuka, her hair, her smooth legs, her soaked T-shirt. She could get any man she wanted if she just learned how to grow up a little.

Her mind began to race again, the alcohol was doing its work on Misato's mind. I could teach her how to act more grown-up, at least show her "the basics." She stopped in mid-thought. This was wrong. Asuka was drunk beyond comprehension, its not only considered illegal to force themselves upon somebody when theyre drunk, but with a 14 year old GIRL?! She knew when to be nasty and when not to be, and this wasnt the time. And yet.

"Misato" Asuka mumbled through her sniffling cutting off Misato's thoughts, "Could youteach me how to be more like a woman?" She brought her hands away from her eyes and looked deep into Misatos eyes, pleadingly. She couldnt possibly mean what it sounded likeand yet she hoped.

Misato rose to her feet and quickly walked over to the table. Her heart was pounding, her face hot and red. She downed an entire can of saki, which only fueled her fire. She slammed it on the counter top, panting heavily. Those simple words, "teach me how to be more like a woman." ran through her head. What she could do? The possibilities of what could precede, all kinds of lustful thoughts ran through her head. But no, this was where she would stand her ground. Shed send her to bed, or shed be out cold soon, she would rub one off and just sleep on it. Then she felt a tug on her shorts.

"Please Misato." Asuka whispered, starting to pull Misato's shorts off, "Im desperateplease." In that brief moment, all color in Misatos face disappeared and reappeared just like that. She felt her bottom moisten a little, whether it be from Asuka or herself, she didnt know. Her arms quivered as she let herself go. Asuka was drunk, Misato was horny.

"Okay Asuka." She said slowly, as she let the booze began to take control of her body again. She turned around, placing her hands against Asukas face, calming her down a little. "Ill be right back." She walked seductively to the refrigerator and opened the door. What little was left of Asukas collective thinking asked if it was more booze. It was as Misato closed the door and kneeled dangerously close Asukas position on the floor, was when she noticed that she was grasping something with both her hands.

Misato leaned close to Asukas face, her nose and forehead touching hers. She whispered gently, "Lesson number one, Asuka Langley Sohryu." She pulled her hand away from the object and rubbed it along Asukas bare thigh, a gasped escaped Asuka's lips.

"Some men like a submissive girl, others like a controlling one," Her fingers danced across her smooth skin, "Its very easy to tell, a submissive man will kiss you" She kissed Asuka quickly, "Be forward," and again, "Wants to get right down to it," and yet again. "But, a controlling one, will tease you," she moved her hand further up her thigh, "Play with you," further, "Make you want him," and further. Asuka bit her lip in anticipation.

"Hell kiss your neck, suck on it." She said, imitating the very action she described, "Hell pull you closer to him, ever so gently as he continues to play with your mostprivate of parts." She moved her hands away from her to the object in her hand, it was a vegetable, long and green, the surface was smooth as glass. Misato giggled.

"Since we dont have the real thing, lets improvise." Misato replaced her hand with the vegetable, somehow the cool, slick feel of it became more sensual to Asuka, as she bit her lip harder to overcome the sensation. She ran the entire course of her legstwice. She stuck it underneath her shirt, and began to lift up.

"Hell feel places on your body unfathomable. Touch spots that you thought couldnt be touched." Misato came to her chest, she wasnt wearing a bra, which only excited her more. Asuka stretched her arms up, and Misato, smiling at her, helped her take her shirt off. She moved to the back of Asuka, and took her breasts in her hands.

"Hell compliment on how hot your chest looks, how sexy he thinks it is as he nibbles your ear. His hands will feel like theyre all over you, when hes squeezing your nipples." Asuka let out another gasp, Misato kissing her neck ferociously. She reached down and grabbed the zucchini, resting against Asukas underwear. She twirled it around her most sensitive spot, and tickled her stomach with its feel. She circled her blood-swollen nipples with the vegetable, slowly moving from one to the other.

"Hes gonna want to make you do thingsnaughty things." She set the zucchini in between her breasts. With one hand she held the vegetable in place while she used the other one to bring Asukas hands to her breasts. She squeezed them together, so that the zucchini was almost supported by the pressure of her two breasts. Slowly but surely, Asuka began to make circular motion with her breasts taking heavier and heavier breaths with each rotation. Misato held the vegetable up, playing with Asukas hair.

"You cant resist it, the burning hot flame in your chest can only be cooled by his throbbing shaft. But thats not all hell want." She pulled back on her hair, her mouth gaping open, her hands stopped midway. Misato pulled her other hand away from the vegetable, and placed it around Asukas jaw, keeping it open. She slowly pushed back on her head, till her mouth willingly covered the tip of the zucchini. As she let go of her hair, Asuka began to let herself go, squeezing her breasts harder and harder, going deeper and deeper on it. Misato moved around Asuka, facing her. She removed her shirt non-chalantly, her supple breasts bouncing as the shirt let go of her tits. She brushed her hair behind her ears, and crawled towards Asuka who was moaning in pleasure as if it were the real thing. She grabbed Asukas legs, and wrapped them around her body. She was so close she could feel the heat steaming from her vagina. Asuka continued to give fellatio to this vegetable, pinching her nipples and caressing her own breasts.

Misato brought a hand under Asukas chin and removed it, a trail of saliva connecting her mouth to the vegetables. Misato smiled, and scooted closer to Asukas body. She messed with the zucchini for a while, finally placing it between Asukas breasts and her own. This only stimulated Asuka and Misato more, feeling their bulging chests against one anothers. They pressed, and squeezed the hard, rubbing the entire length of the vegetable. Misato slowed down, only to move her mouth closer to the zucchini, Asuka did the same. They began to lick the vegetable, their tongues every so often meeting in a whirlwind of passion. Once or twice, Misato would begin to suck on the vegetable, Asukas tongue darting in and around her lips. Misato brought her face away from the vegetable, and so did Asuka. Immediately Misato forced a kiss upon Asuka, who immediately accepted it. Their lips and tongues met furiously, as they pressed their breasts against one another so hard that the vegetable almost broke.

Misato broke the kiss, a sliver of saliva connecting their mouths. She pulled away from Asuka, only to position herself on her hands and knees. She pushed Asuka over, landing with a grunt. She slid her hands down her legs and underneath her panties, and gently slid them off. She looked drunkenly into Asukas panting lips, touching and teasing them.

"When the time does come, hell only tease you some more, until you cant take it." She said, flicking her clit gently. Asuka moaned loudly and twisted her body. Misato began to touch her entire vagina, touching every nerve and every soft spot, "The nice ones will ask you if you want it, the mean ones wont. Theyll expect you to scream it out, scream it at the top of your lungs. But be careful, you dont want to get too carried away with their teasing or they wont have much fun with you, do you understand?" Misato thought she saw Asuka nod, but it was hard to tell with the way her upper body twisted and grind on the floor, she smiled. "Ill be nice to you today Asuka, but I wont be so nice next time." She entered two fingers into Asuka, which only made her moan louder. She bent over, her breasts touching Asukas, as she whispered into her ear.

"Do you want itAsuka?"

Asuka panted heavily, Misatos fingers only driving her more wild, but she faintly let out a yes.

"I didnt hear you." She whispered again, she stuck her tongue in her ear, which only made Asuka squirm some more.

"Yes.yes!" She yelped out, as she began to claw at Misatos back.

Misato broke away from Asuka, grinning, "I still cant hear you." Her tongue plunged into Asukas ear canal, as she finally let out.


Misato grinned again, "Thats more like it."

She pulled away from Asuka, resting on her knees. She grabbed hold of Asukas thighs, and in one quick motion, lifted them off the ground and bending them back, Asuka resting on her shoulders.

"This is part of your lesson as well, a lesson in humility." She licked Asukas lips, gently rubbing her cheek against her thigh. She brought the zucchini up to her face, and began to harshly rub it against Asukas drooling lips, looking as if they were devouring it. Asuka closed her eyes, panting heavily, she knew what was coming, and she wanted it bad.

Misato leaned back for a minute, her face slightly red from a combination of alcohol and eroticism. She chuckled to herself, "You got such a cute butt Asuka." And with that she straightened the vegetable and entered Asuka.

Asuka gasped loudly. Misato began to pump the vegetable into Asuka, each thrust causing a wave of pleasure for her. She began to kick her legs, not fiercely mind you, but enough so that she could imitate Misatos movements. Misato brushed her hair back, and bent her face down, licking and kissing Asukas taint and lower vagina. With each thrust, she buried the zucchini deeper and deeper into Asukas box, only to completely remove it again and bury it deeper. Asukas hips began to imitate Misatos hand as well, going further and further up on the zucchini, as if on instinct. It was slightly painful to Asuka, but this was a good type of pain. She felt Misatos tongue as if her pelvis were an ice cream cone. She felt one hand squeeze her butt fiercely, as the other one made its way down Asukas stomach to her right breast, as she squeezed it so hard it seeped out of the openings between her fingers.

Misato felt her body twitching madly with pleasure, caressing her soft breast and even softer buttocks. Her tongue made circles in and around Asukas most sensitive area, as she continually plunged the vegetable into it only to quickly pull it back out and put it in again. She heard Asukas breaths become more rapid, shallower, and higher pitched. She was so turned on; just one touch would have sent Misato off the deep end. This only made her plunge her tongue deeper, and more fiercely into Asuka, as her cheeks pressed against hers.

Asuka could feel the pressure rising rapidly between her legs; she was going to explode at any minute. Her legs and hips were now one with Misatos movements, her lips almost devouring the vegetable whole. Like an earthquake, a tremor of ecstasy bolted down Asukas spine. She immediately straightened her back and wrapped her legs around Misatos head. Although it startled Misato at first, the feel of Asukas thighs, vagina, and buttocks drove Misato wild. Her pumping and licking increased two-folds, as Asukas back began to bend the other way. She couldnt take anymore of this, but she wanted more.

In a small puddle of her own drool, Asuka let out a maddening scream of pleasure, as her entire body climaxed. She squirmed several times, and all was silent. All that could be heard was Asukas deep, heavy pants of relief. She heard Misato chuckle to herself, and felt the vegetable slowly removed from her vagina, her lips grasping hold of it until the very end. Misato let Asukas lower half fall to the floor. Her entire body was numb with pleasure, as it was difficult to squirm with her nerves screaming like they were. Through tear soaked eyes, she looked up at Misato, who just a few minutes ago was ferociously eating Asuka out like an animal, coolly looked at Asuka, smiling.

"So Asuka, did you learn anything at school today?" She said with a smile. Asuka weakly nodded, Misato smiled wider, "Do you have homework?"

There was a slight pause, as Asuka stared at Misato nervously. Her entire body was trembling, shaking with excitement. She could hardly move, how did she expect her to have another lesson?

Because I want to learn

, a voice in her head told her. Weakly, she gave Misato the same passive look she gave before and nodded. Misato grinned even wider this time.

"Atta girl," she said, as she grabbed Asukas waist, and gently flipped her over on her stomach.

Misato, her face red with delight and perversion as she stared into Asukas wet lips placed one of her legs over top of Asukas, and the other leg underneath Asukas other leg. She took the zucchini in her hands, and licked the top of it seductively, not that Asuka could see her very well, she just wanted to. She then took her right hand, and stuck two fingers into her mouth. She soaked the fingers were her saliva, moistening them as she brought them out of her mouth, glistening with her spit. She stroked Asukas butt with her left hand, pushed aside one of her cheeks, and very elegantly entered them into Asukas anus.

Asuka jumped at first, and looked back at Misato. For a minute this seemed to sober her up, until Misato began wetting Asukas inner walls with her saliva. Red with drunkenness and embarrassment, she opened her mouth to say something.

Misato, continuing to finger Asukas anus, scooted her vagina closer to Asukas, "Your homework for tonight," She said, taking her fingers out of Asukas butt and touching her vagina to Asukas, "Is to take enjoyment in things you wouldnt normally expect." And with that, Misato began to pump her hips into Asukas.

Misato, already wet from petting Asuka, was able to easily rub her vagina against Asukas. Her wet, slippery skin easily glided on Asukas equally wet skin. This is what Misato had been waiting for.

Through moaning Misato reached back, and grabbed the zucchini from off the floor, continuing to lock lips with Asuka who was gently moaning herself. She ran it down Asukas spine, she could feel her trembling from the hips. When she came to Asukas rear, she glided it across Asukas anus. She smiled to herself.

Asuka looked back, worried. She wasnt thinking what she thought she was thinking. But it was so hard to think straight for Asuka, Misatos pussy felt soooo good.

"M-Misato." She gasped out, "Youyoure not going toput it inare you." She began to pant heavily, "Itsits too big."

Misato didnt care, as she looked at her smiling, "Asukajust think of it as Kajis." She giggled. Asuka wanted to protest, but Misatos body felt too wonderful. She collapsed, her cheek pressed against the floor, mouth opened as Misato continued to fuck her.

Misato ran the zucchini up and down her anus sometimes, and then gently tried to force it in. She felt Asukas body tighten, a slight grunt escaping her lips. But Asuka was right, it was too big. Misato, however, was too drunk and horny to care. She pushed harder, and little by little it started to sink into Asuka. Through her mouth escaped several desperate "ahs" as she felt herself become tenser in that region.

The vegetable wouldnt go in further, causing Misato to stop her hip thrusts. Half-relieved, Asuka caught her breath, panting heavily as she waited for Misato to give up. But all at once Misato jammed the vegetable in, and Asukas head shot up from the ground in a scream of pain.

Misato was pleased with herself, one hand holding Asukas loose leg, the other grabbing hold of the zucchini, she leaned back and began to fuck both of Asukas parts. Asuka gasped loudly every time Misato pushed the zucchini in and pulled it back out. She clawed at the floor hoping to grab something to relieve the pain. But the pain was unlike anything she ever experienced before. It hurt so badly that it caused every nerve in her body to scream out with joy. The combined pussy-rubbing and anal sex caused her to orgasm on the spot. But Misato wasnt finished yet, and frankly neither was Asuka. As she continued to find something to grab on to, her hands gave out from under her as her upper body fell onto the ground. Large amounts of drool escaping her lips, she finally grabbed her shirt that she had thrown off at the beginning of this lesson. She squeezed it so hard her knuckles turned white. One more thrust of the vegetable made the difference, as Asuka screamed out in pure ecstasy, bringing the shirt to her mouth and biting down on it.

Misato saw Asuka nibbling her shirt, which only excited Misato more. Her thrusts became more rapid, both her hand and her hip. Tonight surely was her night, and she bet that if it was Asukas too, then shed have something more to look forward to when she got home. Asukas vagina was so wet, so slippery, and so hot. Misato only pressed harder against Asuka, hoping that neither one would get rug burn. She let out yelps of pleasure, which became synchronous with Asukas yelps.

Misato loved the feel of her pussy against Asuka, and so did Asuka. Misato loved to watch her squirm as she violated her ass and Asuka loved getting her ass violated.

"Asuka!" Misato gasped out, unable to control herself, "Im gonnaIm gonna come!" The thrusts ceased being rapid, and became longer, more drawn out thrusts so that Misato could feel every one of her nerves touch Asukas.

"M-M-Misato." Was the only thing Asuka could get out. Her area was so hot, the only thing hotter was Misatos. Misato was seconds away from coming, as was Asuka. As soon as they did, their entire lives would change from here on out.

And yetwhen you are screwing a person with a vegetable in the behindit helps to be able to control yourself when you do soas both Asuka and Misato found out, nothing is more sobering, more fear inducing then to hear the cracking of a ripe, 3 inch thick zucchini.

Misato waited outside the bathroom, her face pale white with terror, a half-full beer can in her hand. From beyond the bathroom door, sounds of raw, emotional pain and anger erupted. Nothing said was anything that Misato could understand however, as more German screams of anguish erupted from the bathroom.

"ACH MEIN GOTT!" Was a phrase that she heard the most. "ICH KANN DIES NICHT GLAUBEN!" was said a few times, and there were several other screams like "ICH WERDE SIE TÍTEN!", "FICKEN SIE!", and "MEIN FICKENER ESEL!"

In between the screams, Misato also heard loud, grunting noises that sounded remarkably like a gorilla. She took a sip of her beer. Gorillazoo. She hadnt been to the zoo in a while, maybe it was time for her to take a day off of work and go down to one. Misato was so lost in thought that another painful scream echoed throughout the apartment. She always liked going to the zoo when she was little, its a shame that she didnt go there more often.

She took another sip of beer, clearing her mind again. A combination scream and grunt vibrated for about a full 30 seconds, which was followed by a large object splashing into water, by the loudest gasp of relief on record. Misato continued to sit, staring into space. She brought her beer up to her lips again and took another drink. About a minute passed before the door finally slid opened, and Asuka, buck naked, stood wearily next to Misato. There was silence for a moment, neither of the two looking at the other. Asuka finally spoke up.

"Misato." She said in a monotone voice

"Yeah Asuka." Misato replied in an equal monotone voice.

"Letsnot tell Shinji about this."


"Andfor future reference."


"Letsnot use a vegetable next time."


And with that, Asuka headed to her room, her feet three feet apart from each other. As her door closed, Misato took another drink of her beer, got up, and headed to bed. She had a long day tomorrow, that she was certain of.


The End