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The Coming of the Icequeen


Maya Ibuki gave Rei Ayanami a nervous smile, glancing up at the elevator’s roof hopefully as she murmured, “I’m sure it’ll start up again soon.”


The two women had been on floor 53, one of the lowest in NERV headquarters, on their way to the exit when the elevator had suddenly lurched to a halt.  Maya had picked up the phone, but it did not seem to be working, so she simply leaned on the alarm button for several minutes in the hopes that someone would get them out.


It was not that she disliked tight spaces or anything like that… it was more the close proximity of the notoriously low-key First Child, famous first and foremost for being hard to talk to, not to mention intimidating, with her unwavering red eyes and low, serious voice.  ‘She’s easy enough to look at’, Maya mused, stealing a glance at the pilot before looking away.  ‘Yeah, she’s definitely that…’


Trying to blot out a sudden, pleasant image of Rei’s formfitting plugsuit, Maya said, “So, do you have any plans for the weekend?”


‘Great,’ she thought, fighting the urge to slap herself in the forehead as Rei stared at her, ‘she doesn’t have any plans – she never has any plans.  I don’t even think she has any friends, for crying out loud, she-’


Her thought was cut off as Rei unexpectedly said, “I do have… something I’d like to do, but I am not sure it will come to pass.”


‘Wow, she really talks like that,’ Maya thought, ‘it’s not just to impress Doctor Akagi and the Commander…’


When the younger woman said nothing more, Maya pressed, “So, what is it?”


“I do not wish to discuss it right now,” Rei said bluntly.  “Perhaps… another time.”


Her hopes of some light conversation dashed, Maya reached back and rubbed her aching shoulder.  “Ok,” she mumbled, “well, I’m, umm… gonna sit down, I guess.”




‘Not like I needed to tell her’, Maya thought, trying to free herself of the pain that had been shooting through her neck for the past few hours.


Rei spoke again, catching the tech off guard.  “Are you in pain, Miss Ibuki?”


“Oh, it’s nothing,” Maya said quickly, averting her eyes as Rei sat down next to her, ignoring the fact that she was giving the older woman an unobstructed view of her panties as she lowered herself down.


‘Yup,’ Maya thought guiltily, ‘they’re white…’


“Turn around,” Rei instructed, “I will rub your shoulders for you.”


Maya blinked.  Er, pardon?” she said, sure that she had misheard the younger woman.


Rearranging her skirt absently, Rei replied, “I will rub your shoulders.  It could be some time before the elevator moves again, and you are clearly uncomfortable.”


“That’s ok,” Maya said awkwardly, “I’m fine, really.”


Rei met her eyes.  “Do not be obstinate, Lieutenant,” she said smoothly, “seeing you in pain is… disquieting, especially when I know I can do something to alleviate it for you.”


‘God, she’s just trying to be nice,’ Maya thought with sudden guilt, ‘why am I being such a bitch?’


Trying not to show her reluctance, she mumbled, “Alright,” and turned so that she was facing away from the young pilot.


“It would be easier if you were to remove your shirt.”


This observation was so smoothly delivered, and so reasonable, that Maya’s fingers were at her buttons before she could even give it a second thought.  “W-wait,” she stammered, “how would that help??”


Rei’s answer was direct:  “Because it will feel better for you if your shirt is not rubbing the skin off of your back.”




Slowly, the technician unbuttoned her shirt, easing it off of her shoulders, but stopping as her bra strap came into view.  “Is that enough?” she asked softly, blushing faintly as she imagined Rei drooling behind her.


‘In your dreams, Lieutenant,’ she told herself as Rei murmured that it was fine, ‘or fantasies rather.  Well, ok, so it was only once… but it was pretty sexy.  Of course, in that one, I was the one putting the moves on – and she’s not really even doing that!  God, I’m horny.  How long since I’ve gotten any?  I swear, working at NERV is KILLING my sex life!  It’s hard enough to find a willing woman in this town, but when you have no time, it just-’


“You are very tense, Lieutenant,” Rei observed, gently working at the other woman’s tight muscles and cutting into her meandering thoughts.  “Do I make you nervous?”


Maya laughed weakly.  “Well, no, not really,” she said, obligingly tilting her head forward to allow the pilot access to her slender neck.  “It’s just…”


“Just what…?”


“It’s just a little… you know what? It’s nothing, really.”


Rei’s slim fingers continued to massage her aching shoulders with slow, gentle force.  “Please go on,” she said calmly, “I will not be offended.”


Biting her lip for a moment, Maya reluctantly whispered, “I was just thinking it would look a little odd if, you know, if someone saw us like this, that’s all.”


There was a moment of quiet as Rei digested this, kneading carefully at a particularly difficult knot of muscle before finally asking, “You feel it might be misunderstood because you enjoy the company of women more than men?”


Maya’s breath caught in her throat.  “Who told you that?” she asked, trying to make her voice light as she glanced over her shoulder at the blue-haired girl.


She shivered as her head was gently turned back to face forward, Rei’s delicate little hands resuming their work immediately and practically forcing the tension out of the tech’s shoulders.  “It was only a guess,” she said evenly.  “I have watched you on several occasions paying more attention to the women around you than most people.  I simply theorized that it was out of sexual interest.”


Swallowing to clear the dryness from her throat, Maya said, “Why were you watching me, Rei…?”


The response was immediate and straightforward.


“Because you interest me.”


Maya felt a little dizzy, thrown off by the girl’s no-nonsense approach to dealing with problems.  “I interest you,” she echoed, her senses suddenly kicking up a notch and reminding her of exactly how soft the pilot had felt when she had brushed against her in the hall, and how she smelled – rich and full and unadulterated.  “Interest you how, Rei?”




Rising suddenly to her feet, Maya took a shaky step away from the blue-haired girl.  “H-hold on,” she stammered, raising her hands defensively as if Rei might attack her at any moment.  “You’ve… been watching me because you want to sleep with me??”


Rei nodded.  “Yes,” she said plainly, standing as well and letting her hands hang loosely at her sides, “that is a fairly accurate way to look at it.”


Maya barked a short, uneasy laugh, looking around like a cornered animal.  “I never knew you were like that,” she said softly, “I-”


“Like you?” Rei cut in, making no move to close the distance between them.  “Was I… mistaken, Miss Ibuki…?  If so, I apologize, but I stand by my assessment of your interest in other women.”


Shifting uncomfortably, Maya said, “I don’t think that’s any of your business, Rei.”


“How unfortunate,” Rei said evenly.  “I was hoping you might be interested in getting better acquainted.”


Maya’s eyes dropped to the floor, unable to hold Rei’s smoldering stare.  “…why aren’t we moving yet?” she muttered, brushing a hand through her short brown hair.  “Stupid techs can’t fix anything around here.”


Rei lowered herself to the floor again.  “Sit, please,” she said quietly, pointing to the spot in front of her, “you are more tense now than when I started… at least allow me to remedy that for you, and please, if it is not too much to ask… do not tell anyone of my interest in you.  It would be… awkward.”


“Alright,” Maya agreed quickly, “and the same goes for me… but I really… you don’t have to rub my shoulders anymore, ok? I’m fine.”


Looking up into the tech’s eyes, Rei whispered, “Am I that disgusting to you, Lieutenant?  You have made your lack of desire clear… is allowing me to ease your stress truly that offensive?”


Maya blushed.  “No, it’s not that,” she said quickly, “I’m just… you know, I’d rather you didn’t…”


“Because I find you desirable?”


“No,” Maya said firmly, “that’s not it either, I just-”


“Please accept my apologies for finding you sexually attractive,” Rei interjected, bowing diffidently.  “I will not mention it again.”


Now entirely flustered, Maya stammered, “D-don’t… you don’t have to bow like that, Rei, get up… please.”  Reluctantly, she crossed the small space between them and sat down in front of the pilot.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make it seem like I was upset or disgusted or anything like that. I’m actually… very flattered, but…”


“But you do not find me attractive?” Rei provided, resting her hands lightly on Maya’s shoulders.


‘Don’t,’ Maya thought, ‘don’t say it – God, just don’t say it…!’


Unfortunately, her mouth was already moving.  “I didn’t say that…”


“What is your main concern, then?” Rei asked, lightly resuming her massage.


“It’s… there’s a lot of things,” Maya said, trying her best not to get excited by the pilot’s proximity…and the topic.  “You’re a lot younger… but I guess you’re old enough to know what you want.  And umm, it would be awkward if we were… close.  I mean, people might find out that we were together…”


“I would not tell anyone,” Rei murmured, her breath caressing Maya’s neck and raising gooseflesh all over the tech’s body.  “And I would very much like to experience you, Miss Ibuki…”


Maya nearly swooned.  ‘God, could she be any sexier??’ she thought almost angrily, ‘I want to – I really, really want to!  She’s so… mm, just perfect!  She’s got an awesome body, and her eyes – I love those eyes… but she’s only-’


“Would you be more comfortable if I showed you my body before you decided?”


Th-that’s ok,” Maya squeaked, her voice betraying her as the dark recesses of her mind shouted, ‘yes – yes!  Yes, I want to see that gorgeous body all laid out for me!!’


Unfortunately for her higher consciousness, Rei was already undressing.  She could hear the pilot slipping articles of clothes off of her and letting them fall to the floor in what felt like an endless procession, with Maya’s mind providing wild guesses as to what stage the younger woman had reached.


‘Panties yet?’ she thought deliriously.  ‘Oh lord, I’m so dirty for even thinking like this – there’s no way I can actually DO anything with her!  It would be unconscionable.  So just don’t look – yeah, don’t look, no matter wha-’


“UH!” Maya gasped in surprise as Rei knelt behind her once more, the unmistakable softness of pert breasts pressing lightly into the tech’s back as the younger woman settled her hands onto Maya’s upper arms.


“Do you like the way that feels, Miss Ibuki?”


Maya had to swallow several times before her mouth would work, and even then, her words were stumbling and disjointed.  “R-Rei… you have to stop.  I can’t… mm… Rei, please don’t do this to me…”


“Your skin is very smooth,” the younger woman said calmly, speaking as if Maya had not made a sound.  “I like the way it feels against my body.”




Rei eased her hands up under the tech’s arms, cupping her small, firm breasts in her palms and humming her approval.


“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Maya groaned, shivering as the younger woman’s fingertips lightly grazed her stiff nipples, teasing them unmercifully through the thin fabric of her bra.


“I know,” Rei breathed, “that’s why it feels so good.”




Maya let out a soft, involuntary hiss as she felt Rei’s lips touch the back of her neck, lightly brushing her skin and sending a thrill of pleasure shooting all through her body, a burst that echoed in her breasts and pussy like a steadily beating drum.  Maya could feel the first trickle of lubrication oozing from her moist slit – barely more than a drop, but enough to be noticeable to the technician’s heightening senses.


Ohh we shouldn’t…’ she thought dizzily, unconsciously thrusting her firm little tits against Rei’s hands.  ‘…but it feels so fucking GOOD!’


Twisting in the younger woman’s arms, Maya craned her neck and gave Rei a wet, awkwardly angled kiss, catching more cheek than lip as the First continued to massage her chest.


“T-take it off…”


Nodding, Rei slid her fingers along the undersides of Maya’s breasts, seeking the clasp on the older woman’s bra and deftly unfastening it, the dry click echoing unnaturally in the small elevator as Rei slowly drew the cups away from Maya’s tits.


“They are… lovely…”


Maya blushed, licking her lips as Rei’s hands returned to her now-bare breasts.  Th-thanks,” she gasped, shocked by the feel of the girl’s palms on her body.


For some reason, she had always expected Rei’s hands to be cold, but like her soft lips, the girl’s hands were tantalizingly warm, sending luscious shivers down the tech’s spine as Rei settled into a more comfortable position and began fondling her in earnest, gently cupping and squeezing her gorgeous tits with her entire palm.


“Turn around,” Rei murmured.


Maya did as she was told, nearly crying out as Rei immediately leaned down and popped one of the tech’s delectable tits into her mouth, stretching her lips wide around the fleshy globe and suckling carefully – as if doing nothing more than gauging what would feel best.


Yesss…” Maya groaned, “that’s… oh that’s incredible…”


Pulling back for a moment, Rei whispered, “Unfasten your skirt, Miss Ibuki…”


Caught up in the intensity of the moment, the idea of pushing the girl away disappearing from her mind, Maya nodded, fumbling for the zipper on her tan, casual skirt as the younger woman went back to sucking on her tits, alternating between them at random intervals until finally, the technician managed to find and draw the zipper down.


“God,” she breathed, shaking violently as Rei unhesitatingly slipped one of her slender hands up under Maya’s skirt and rubbed her first through her white cotton panties, then directly on her damp pussy as the panties were eased to the side.


‘This isn’t really happening, is it??’ Maya thought dizzily, clenching her eyes closed as the world threatened to swim out of focus.  ‘I’m not… REALLY getting fingered on the floor of an elevator by REI… am I???’


“Lie on your back and spread your legs,” a soft, insistent voice urged.  “…I want to taste you.”




‘This is so fucking hot,’ Maya thought, doing as she was told.  ‘There go my panties! …wasn’t I supposed to stop this before-


Maya’s thoughts cut off with a snap as she felt Rei’s tongue run along the wet folds of her pussy lips.  The younger woman was clearly unskilled – working awkwardly along Maya’s slit in search of the most pleasurable places rather than going straight for them… but by this time, Maya was beyond turned on, so it didn’t really matter all that much.  No, plain ‘arousal’ no longer fit what was happening to her, it was too mundane and simple to describe the heat radiating from the pit of her stomach and pouring out like microwaves, threatening to cook her from the inside out as the thought, ‘Rei Ayanami is eating my pussy,’ hammered over and over through her mind.


And eat it she did, licking and probing Maya’s sensitive box almost relentlessly, parting, dipping, exploring, delving – working her tongue into Maya’s hole with greater and greater confidence as the older woman shuddered and groaned, barely keeping herself from reaching down and grinding the blue-haired girl’s face into her aching snatch.


Gonna… make me come…” Maya panted, shuddering as the girl slipped two fingers into her sopping hole, “keep licking it, Rei – you’re gonna make me come!!”


In spite of this warning, it still took her several minutes to actually get off.  Had Rei been more skilled, it would have been no contest… but as it was clear that she was a first timer, Maya had to direct her, urging the younger woman to lick at her just a little harder, or pump her fingers a bit faster, until she was blurting commands left and right in a frantic attempt to reach that elusive peak sought by so many.


“Oh God, YES!!”


Of course… it proved to be worth the wait.  Maya’s hips bucked as she came, nearly knocking Rei off of her as she uttered a short, aborted cry of pleasure, a fresh burst of juices seeping from her already slippery hole as the younger woman slowed her pace, going from stimulating to exploratory – doing exactly what she had set out to do and tasting the fruits of her labors as Maya panted and shook, trying to come to her senses and tell the younger woman that her pussy was too sensitive for her to keep licking it that way.


When she finally regained her breath, Maya put one hand on Rei’s head, gently pushing her away and gasping, “I… want to… do it to you, now…”


“You do not need to, if you do not wish to,” Rei said quietly, lying back on the elevator floor and spreading her legs apart.  “Tasting you was my only goal…”


Mmm, but I want to,” Maya breathed, pushing the younger woman’s skirt up and easing herself down onto the floor.  “I’ve… God, I’ve wanted to eat you since we met…”


Nodding, Rei stretched her hands up over her head and closed her eyes in anticipation of the coming pleasure.


Maya did not keep her waiting.




‘That’s how it should be done,’ the tech thought with some satisfaction, putting her hands on Rei’s hips to keep her from thrusting up so hard.  ‘Get ready, Rei… I’m gonna blow your mind…’


“Oh – OH!!”


Rei, Maya found, was surprisingly vocal, crying out loudly as the older woman expertly ate her pussy – and unlike the younger girl, Maya actually knew what she was doing.  Normally, she would have started out slow, teasing and caressing with her tongue until her partner was begging for release, not out of any desire for control or dominance, but the simple knowledge that a slow build was better than a quick payoff.


Then again, this was definitely NOT a normal situation… and Rei was not a normal partner.


‘She’s so wet!’ Maya marveled, planting her palms on Rei’s hips and holding them firmly down as the younger woman gasped and thrust up against her mouth.  ‘I’m gonna need to go back to my locker and clean up – my face is soaked!’


“M-Miss Ibuki,” Rei moaned, showing emotion for the first time Maya could recall, “this is… mm… please, do not stop…”


Maya closed her eyes, savoring the younger woman’s reaction as she nuzzled her delicate clit. 


Wasn’t planning to.




Maya hummed in the back of her throat as she felt Rei climax, a flood of tangy liquid coating her tongue as the younger woman shook, a slender, tentative hand caressing the top of Maya’s head as the First panted her name.  ‘I wonder if she’d sixty-nine with me,’ Maya thought dizzily, reaching down between her legs with one hand and fingering her swollen clit as she slowed her pace, ‘mm… just thinking about it is hot.  …I think I’m gonna come again…!’


Her own orgasm was followed closely by Rei’s as the younger woman reached the top again, her cheeks rosy red as a faint, unfocussed smile lit her delicate face.


Laying her cheek against Rei’s thigh, Maya tried to catch her breath.  ‘How long has it been since I’ve come that hard?’ she thought, mirroring Rei’s smile as the younger woman gently caressed her hair.  ‘Too long… and it’s too bad this is just a one-time thing.’


Slowly, the two regained their breath, keeping their thoughts to themselves as they started to dress until finally, the silence was too much for Maya to bear.


“This… can’t happen again,” she murmured, keeping her eyes averted as she zipped her skirt and straightened the hem.


“Oh?” Rei replied coolly, “And why is that?”


Maya was flustered.  “Well, because of my position,” she said, as if the answer should have been obvious, “if anyone found out that we were… together, I could get in big trouble.  I mean… this was great – I mean really, really great – but I can’t do it again, Rei.  It’s just too dangerous.”


Rei pulled the halves of her bra together over her pert tits, fastening it deftly as she gave her succinct, blunt reply.


“You can, Miss Ibuki, and you will.”




Slipping her arms into her shirt, Rei spared the technician a glance.  “You will come to my apartment once a week,” she said coolly, ignoring the woman’s dropping jaw, “there, we will do what we did here today.  No one will question your visits. I will explain that they are a new training regimen to increase my synch ratio, and the Commander will approve it.  There is no conflict.”


Maya’s head was spinning.  “Rei, I c-can’t be your… your lover,” she sputtered, “you’re only fourteen, and… and…”


“It did not stop you today, Miss Ibuki,” Rei pointed out, starting to button her shirt, “and you had no problem letting me perform orally for you.”


Blushing furiously, and fighting the intense feeling of unreality washing over her, Maya whispered, “You came on to me… you SEDUCED me…!”


“Yes,” Rei said plainly, “but you did not say no, and you had several opportunities… and you seemed very enthusiastic when you were licking me.  Your inhibitions are the only roadblock, and they are both irrational and pointless.”


Maya’s incredulity transformed to anger with shocking rapidity.  “Now you listen here,” she hissed, leveling a finger at the younger woman, “I was just going with the flow – you were the one that… what are you doing…??”


Rei paused, her hand on the access panel for the elevator.  “I am switching the power back on,” she said calmly.


“Y… you… no way!”


“You may want to finish dressing,” Rei observed, flipping the panel open and resting her finger on a small, innocuous switch.  “It will take four minutes to reach the top floor.”


Maya went pale.  “You bitch,” she breathed, “you… you set me up – you set this whole thing up!!”


Rei nodded.  “Correct,” she said levelly, “also…”


Her heart sinking, Maya followed Rei’s pointing finger, going from pale to deathly white as she spied the blinking red dot of an active security camera winking at her from between the slats in the ceiling grate.


“I have access to the disks,” Rei whispered, her voice echoing coldly in Maya’s ears.  “I will secure the footage with our… encounter on it, and I will keep it in a safe place.”


“As long as I come over once a week,” Maya nearly sobbed.  “This is blackmail!”


Rei shrugged minutely.  “Hardly,” she murmured.  “You will be pleased there as well as I, and I assure you, I have far more interest in making sure the disk is not seen by anyone other than you and I.  There is no downside to my proposition, Miss Ibuki… and the only reason I felt it necessary to take this route was because I anticipated your reluctance.  It is… unfortunate that there is so much stigma associated with women such as us, but it is the way of the world.”


Running a shaking hand through her hair, Maya weighed her options.  “How long did you plan this?” she asked finally, feeling her shoulders slumping in defeat as she reached down to button up her shirt.


“Four months,” Rei replied smoothly.  “I wanted you, Miss Ibuki… but I did not know how to attain you until I devised this scenario.”


“I’m flattered,” Maya murmured, unsure of how to feel about this situation.


On the one hand, the sex had been incredible – simply incredible.  Rei was attentive and while not quite talented in the arena of oral sex, she did have potential… but she was so young!  How could Maya, in good conscience, keep having sex with her?


‘That’s easy,’ she thought reluctantly, ‘she’s thought of everything… an alibi, evidence that I’m CLEARLY a lesbian, in case I balk – I’ll bet she has answers to any argument I might come up with.  IS there a downside to this?  I mean really?  Ok, so she’s young… but she risks her life more than I do, and… God, I can’t think about it anymore… I need time.’


“Can I… think about this?” Maya whispered, smoothing her shirt.  “It’s really a lot to take in, and I-”


“Come to my apartment this Saturday,” Rei cut in, switching the power to the elevator back on.  “There, in private… you can see exactly what I have to offer you.”


With no other options, Maya whispered, “Alright.”


In spite of the pressured arranging of the affair… Maya found that she was looking forward to seeing what Rei would do to her in the comfort of her own apartment.  ‘I know it’s wrong,’ she thought, biting her lip pensively as the elevator began to rise once more; ‘I know I shouldn’t WANT this to happen…’


Silently, she checked her outfit to make sure she was presentable.  As they reached the top, she summoned her courage and said, “H-hey, umm… the security disk…?”


“It will be safe,” Rei said coolly, “good day, Miss Ibuki.”


Before the tech could reply, the younger woman stepped off the elevator, sparing not so much as a backward glance as she made her way out of the complex… supremely confident that come Saturday, she would have a visitor at her small apartment.


The beginning…


Notes from a guy with too much free time: yeah, so, Rei MIGHT have been a LITTLE out of character… but you know, if she was going to have a secret hobby, wouldn’t it be hot if this was it??  Yowza!! Eh, anyway, I hope you enjoyed the fic as much as I enjoyed making it… which might be hard.  I mean, writing girl on girl porn is a lot of fun… ^_^


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